The staff and volunteers at Sunflower have risen to the very real challenge of getting Frank's attention and interest, and he now stays there three days a week. Mavis can relax her vigilance and enjoy those three days each week, knowing that Frank is safe, secure and happy.
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Activities at Sunflower Adult Day Services are designed to be therapeutic -- that is, to improve and maintain the quality of life of the participant.  This commitment to therapeutic programming goes well beyond "adult babysitting", and sets Sunflower apart from other caregiver support options currently available in Salina.

A current printable schedule of events, activities and programs.

Sunflower Adult Day Services provides care for adults with a wide range of disabling conditions including Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, stroke, Parkinson's disease, frailty, depression, developmental disabilities, MS, and other chronic conditions.

Some of our participants are able to function at a very high level, and others have more limitations. But each person we serve has strengths and capabilities, and we focus on the strengths, not the limitations. Each participant has a personal plan of care that combines group and individual activities. We strive to make these activities:

  • Therapeutic, contributing to one or more aspects of well-rounded health
  • Active, engaging each person as an active participant rather than a passive spectator
  • Strength-based, emphasizing what each person CAN do rather than what they CANNOT do
  • Age-appropriate and respectful of individual abilities and preferences
  • Right-brain oriented, with a strong focus on the arts
  • Social, encouraging interaction with others in a warm, supportive environment
  • Fun!
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